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After so many years of living in this human experience, we have grown layers on top of layers constructed by the ego, trauma, family bloodline, societal conditioning, and so much more. As we move through life, we may often find ourselves growing tired from the heaviness of layers that continue to stack on top of one another, so much so that we may find ourselves completely buried. There are many times throughout life we may find ourselves covered underneath the onion, and when we do, it can be an immensely dark, scary place. Yet, what would happen if we peeled back these layers from off of our skin? What could possibly be hiding underneath these layers that is so desperately wanting to be seen? 


Pearlized Spirit is a place where community, entertainment, knowledge, and guidance come together as one. At PS, we are passionate about shining light on the darkness of mental health, by truly diving deep into the shadows in order to alchemize the truth that lies within. We believe that underneath the layers of our skin lies our truth at heart; a shiny, pink pearl, constructed of organic light, craving to radiate its essence. 

PS focuses on using the darkness as a tool to transmute it into light. Let's face it, mental health can be extremely dark and incredibly terrifying when one is suffocating on the layers of the onion. Rather than embracing the darkness, which ultimately masturbates your pain body, we focus on alchemizing this darkness into light, using it against itself as a tool for growth, and ultimately, shedding the layers that no longer serve you. 

To love your shadow means to accept it as a part of you, but the truth is, you are not your shadow. You are not the things that have happened to you. You are not your traumas. You are not your wounds. You are not your ego. You are not the conditioning that has been placed on you by society. And you most certainly do not need to embody your shadow in order to live the life you so hopefully crave.

PS takes an alternative, holistic approach on mental health. Rather than spreading strictly "light, love, and positivity" and "embracing the shadow", we use the darkness as a map to navigate our essence along the right path, whatever that may look like to you.

We believe that in order to peel back the layers, you must get your hands dirty and come face to face with the overgrown.


Right now, we offer psychological thriller, horror, self- help, fiction novels for the community in hopes to not only tell a scary, thrilling story, but to also alchemize the darkness into light. Check out our books on our store! 

Programs, book clubs, blogs, and more, coming very soon. 

Meet the Founder

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Alexandra Marie Russell is an author, editor, yoga and meditation teacher, and the founder of Pearlized Spirit. 

After years of experiencing depression herself, battling ARFID eating disorder, anorexia, and OCD, while also having a bizarre interest in psychological thriller and horror films, Alex felt compelled to take the lessons she has learned and use them to help others along their own journeys.

Alex was born January 5th, 1997 in Southern California. After graduating with her Business In Science, Entrepreneurship Associates Degree, she decided to embark on her entrepreneur and author journey. Alex has always known she was meant to help others, and with her passion for mental health, she created Pearlized Spirit as a way to do so.

Note: Alexandra is not a licensed doctor or therapist. She is using her own life experiences, struggles, and knowledge in hopes to guide others to navigate their way out of The Maze of their own mind.