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Meet the Founder

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Alexandra Marie Russell is an author, editor, yoga and meditation teacher, and the founder of Pearlized Spirit. 

After years of experiencing depression herself, battling ARFID eating disorder, anorexia, and OCD, while also having a bizarre interest in psychological thriller and horror films, Alex felt compelled to take the lessons she has learned and use them to help others along their own journeys.

Alex was born January 5th, 1997 in Southern California. After graduating with her Business In Science, Entrepreneurship Associates Degree, she decided to embark on her entrepreneur and author journey. Alex has always known she was meant to help others, and with her passion for mental health, she created Pearlized Spirit as a way to do so.

Note: Alexandra is not a licensed doctor or therapist. She is using her own life experiences, struggles, and knowledge in hopes to guide others to navigate their way out of The Maze of their own mind.