Underneath the layers of our onion skin lies the pure, untouched pearl that shines within. At Pearlized Spirit, we are focused on peeling back the layers of our onion, using the darkness as a tool to uncover organic light, and embracing the pearl that resides at our core. The essence of who we truly are.

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embracing the pearl that shines within by dismantling darkness to embody organic light


PS offers community. PS offers tools. PS offers guidance.

Pearlized Spirit's mission is to utilize darkness in order to integrate one's true essence of organic light. Pearlized Spirit takes an alternative approach on mental health by uncovering darkness and shining light on the horrific nature of its shadows. Let's be real, mental health can be scary. We strive to display the truth of the darkness, by diving fully into it. 

Focused on psychological thriller/ horror/ self-help, fiction genres, we use our novels as a tool for our readers to dive deep not only into a scary story, but a message they can gain to embody into their own life. 

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